Atlantic Offshore is a provider of high end of Multi Role Vessels (MRV) specialising in Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV) operations and at present we are the largest vessel operator of Class A ERRV/MRV in both UK and Norwegian sectors. All class A vessels have the capacity to rescue and recover 300 plus survivors and can accommodate a crew up to 21 men and several of the vessel are DP 2 compliant. The majority of our vessels carry Dual Daughter Craft (DC) and Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) which are essential for sharing operations

Sharing Area MRV

It is commercially viable for Operators to utilise one MRV/ERRV to service multiple locations.

This is achieved via the use of daughter craft providing close standby operations to an installation and in conjunction with the mothership simultaneously providing close standby to another installation. Depending on crew size and daughter craft capacity this can be managed to cover multiple installations for continuous operations.

This negates the need for additional ERRV/MRV on location and therefore cost reduction.

This method can be used when operators utilise additional assets (e.g MODU, Floatels) within the locality, again negating the need for additional ERRV/MRV.

Value added services

Whilst conducting standby operations, the vessels also provide additional services.

– Firefighting (FiFi)
– ​Oil Recovery (Oil Rec)​
– Floating Storage
– ROV Services
– Inter Field Cargo Operations
– Drone Inspection Services
– Fuel and Water Supply
– AUV Services​

– Emergency Towing/Tanker Assist


Atlantic Offshore pride themselves on the competency and professionalism of their crew.

As an organization, we invest heavily in training and development to ensure our crew are trained to the highest standard for offshore vessel operations.

In our day to day operations, we conduct emergency preparedness drills continuously, to ensure the safety of our offshore personnel when it is needed most.
All crew undergo continuous training, to ensure that they operate to the highest standard, as required by our client base. On an annual basis each of our vessels undertake circa 200 launch and recovery operations utilizing the onboard Rescue Crafts.

In addition to this we conduct daily training and drills which incorporates but is not limited to the following:

– Man Overboard Exercises
– Firefighting drills
– Oil spill and recovery drills
– Smoke diving
– Joint exercise operations in conjunction with SAR helicopters,
​Installation, Operators and National Rescue Centers.

In all that we do, we are powered by passion and driven by safety

Atlantic Offshore is a provider of high end of Multi Role Vessels specialising in Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel operations. At present, the only vessel operator with fleet wide Class A in both UK and Norwegian sectors.​​

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