Our main objective is to achieve and maintain best practice in all areas we operate.

Atlantic Offshore Company invests heavily in creating a safe and healthy work environment and to maintain a reliable and environment friendly management, and to maintain reliable, eco-friendly management as per national and international rules, legislations and standards for The Offshore Industry.

We view competence as most valuable when it grows in interaction between education, training, attitudes and behavior of all individuals and value creation at The Workplace.

Notice: All contact regarding Crewing is coordinated by the Norwegian Office, at Straume, Norway. The Atlantic Offshore Scotland Office is no longer active.


To ensure that we reach our goals all our employees must all be devoted to Atlantic Offshore Management’s base values:

  • Responsibility
  • Involvement
  • Integrity
  • Sobriety

We aspire to be a desired employer by offering:our goals all our employees must all be devoted to Atlantic Offshore Management’s base values:

  • Excellent work environment
  • Highly skilled co-workers
  • Career development for all employees
  • Predictable shifts
  • Good communication onboard vessels and between ship owner and vessel
  • Always focus on HSE
  • A safe workplace

Career and competencies

Qualification requirements are crucial for Atlantic Offshore for achieving our vision. It is also a tool to be well prepared in an industry constantly evolving and with high demands.We believe that personal development and building competence is coupled; skilled employees with sound experience from our vessels are the best manner of developing premium competence.

Atlantic Offshore Management seeks to develop and ensure skilled competence through:

  • Recruit to higher positions internally
  • Internal promotions after work performance evaluations
  • Adaption for competence building and development
  • Internal competence transfer
  • Job introduction programmes
  • Trainee- and cadet programmes
  • Highly trained and well-educated crew

The Seamen’s church

Emergency Response and the handling of crises.

The Seamen’s Church has long experience and excessive competence in following up people after accidents abroad. Atlantic Offshore cooperates with Sjømannskirken regarding:

  • 24-hour Emergency Phone (+47 951 19 181)
  • Advice and guidance following an incident
  • When requested send resource persons to place of incident or other agreed place
  • Visits at hospitals
  • Accompany people to their home, when needed
  • Assist with rituals and/or religious services appropriate to the situation
  • Lead debriefs and provide individuals and groups with grief counselling. Assist in the follow-up, care and support of individuals, families and colleagues
  • A broad international network of different churches and organisations can be activated
  • Seminars and courses in Emergency Response and the handling of crises
  • Personal chats with internet priests on
  • Emergency Response from Sjømannskirken is available to all employees, regardless of nationality or religious affiliation.

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