Contracts update – Ocean Star and Ocean Art

Contracts update – Ocean Star and Ocean Art

We are proud to announce that Equinor has declared 3 yearly options for Ocean Star, and 3 yearly options for Ocean Art,

ending June and August 2023. Atlantic Offshore are also in the process of installing batteries for hybrid propulsion on these vessels. This is expected to reduce Co2 emissions by 15% over the lifetime of the batteries.


The contract between Equinor and Atlantic Offshore was signed in Bergen on the 19.August 2019.


3 x Contract updates

We are pleased to inform that DEFRA has declared a 9 month option for Ocean Osprey, commencing end of June. Total UK has declared one year option for Ocean Troll, commencing mid-July, and Equinor has declared one year option for Ocean Marlin, commencing mid-September.

Ocean Osprey. Photo: L.Smith

Ocean Troll. Photo: A.Flett

Ocean Marlin. Photo: H.P.Misa

Diversifying the business

Diversifying the business

For Atlantic Offshore, emergency response has been the core business since the inception of the company, but we have recently expanded into new and related segments.

Ocean Osprey, one of our newest and well equipped ERRVs, has been chartered by DEFRA for Offshore Patrol work in the North Sea. The newly acquired vessel Ocean Dee has commenced a contract with Shearwater Geoservices for seismic Support.

The securing of new contracts for these vessels will further grow our competence, expand the Company’s markets and make the business even more solid.


Ocean Dee. Photo: B.Sortland

Prime Minister honour involved parties in Viking Sky rescue operation

Prime Minister honour involved parties in Viking Sky rescue operation

The Norwegian Government on 24 April 2019, hosted a lunch at the Prime Minister’s residence to honour all parties involved in the rescue of the Viking Sky.

Ocean Response, owned by Atlantic Offshore, was involved in the rescue. The vessel was responsible for securing the Viking Sky, and ensuring the safe transit to Molde for the remaining crew and passengers.

CEO Roy Wareberg was Atlantic Offshore’s representative at the lunch. Members of the Norwegian Government, including Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Kjell-Børge Freiberg, Minister of Transport and Communications, Georg Dale, and Minister of Public Security, Ingvil Smines Tybring‐Gjedde, also attended the lunch.

We at Atlantic Offshore are proud to have emergency response as our core business, and that we in a live rescue mission are able to professionally prove what we train for throughout the year.

In Atlantic Offshore we are powered by passion, and driven by safety.


Prime Minister Solberg. Photo: R.Wareberg

Ocean Art receives fuel efficiency-prize from Equinor

Ocean Art receives fuel efficiency-prize from Equinor

Atlantic offshore share Equinor’s goal of reducing emission. During last week’s seminar for vessels sailing with Equinor, our vessel Ocean Art received the prize for 2018’s most environmental friendly PSV operation.

Ocean Art have been working actively to sail as fuel efficiently as possible, and have shown that engagement, interest and good planning provide benefits in the form of low fuel consumption. Master Edvard Dahlén received the prize on behalf of the vessel, both crews and the company!


Printscreen from Facebook Equinor Atlantic Offshore Ocean Art

Printscreen from Facebook/ Equinor

Reduced Emission

Reduced Emission

Ocean Star and Ocean Art have both been upgraded to seamless shore-connection power supply. This means that there are no use of aux.engines when in port, and there will be zero emission even when the vessels are fully operational; loading, discharging and cargo operation. In Norwegian ports, these vessels now only use renewable energy. This will further reduce already low emission.

Video: E.Dahlén
Main photo: JL Portal

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