Atlantic Offshore strengthens equity of between 80 and 100 million in a private placement to existing shareholders.
In 2010 a similar placement of 200 million took place, to strengthen capital and invest in new buildings. Since then, Atlantic Offshore has taken a prominent position in the shipping segment involving FSV and PSV, and has a modern fleet of 18 ships and six ships under construction. The Company has entered into long term contracts with leading oil companies in the North Sea.
This share issue increases our equity and helps us to continue at the same level as today. We have for several years been in a restructuring related to the new profile, comprehensive contracts and the renewal of the fleet. The share issue helps create predictability in this work. We will continue the strategic move in the direction we pointed out a few years back, says CEO Roy Wareberg.
We entered into a mandate agreement with Pareto to further bring new equity from external investors will be implemented as planned. – the plan we follow is in line with shareholders’ expectations. We will continue to develop and strengthen the position we have now established, Wareberg says.
Atlantic Offshore reported a profit before tax of NOK 10 million per quarter 3, which is an improvement of NOK 9 million compared to 2011. Wareberg expects the positive trend to continue.

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