Ocean Sun sold

ERRV Ocean Sun, built in 1972, is sold out of the North Sea.
The price is slightly above the book and brokers value.

Contracts update

Contracts update for Ocean Tay, Ocean King and Ocean Sprite
Nexen has declared one year option for Ocean Tay, firm contract now is until Dec 2016.
Statoil has declared the one 6 months option for Ocean King, firm contract is now until Jan 2016, there is 6+12 months options remaining.
Ithaca has declared 18 months option for Ocean Sprite, she is now firm until July 2016

Ocean Falcon delivered

Ocean Falcon, our latest MRV is now delivered from Zamakona, San Sebastian.
She will now sail for Aberdeen and her naming ceremony Friday 29th May. Ocean Falcon is the last of three HY820 design ordered by Atlantic Offshore. She will commence a 5 + 5 year contract with Shell UK.

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