New vessel in operation!

September 2010: The latest addition to our fleet, Ocean Surf, was transferred to Sartor Offshore Management AS on 29.September.
She will be trading the North Sea spotmarket in Aberdeen from 2.October.

Ocean Tay

Vessel information

Owner(s): Atlantic Offshore Scotland Ltd

Vessel statistics

Classification: DNV , +1A1, E0, SF, Oil rec, DK (0,5),  HL(2,5)

1992, Zhejiang
 Length о.а.
 Breadth mld
 Gross Tonnage
 Main Engines
 Bow Thruster
596 Kw Tunnel
 Stern Thruster
596 Kw Tunnel

Vessel purchased


September 2010: Ocean Lanhoy KS, a subsidiary of Sartor Offshore AS, has bought the PSV “North Traveller”, UT755.
The vessel was built at Brevik Construction in 1998, and will be renamed Ocean Surf. She has been converted to low NOx emission, and will trade in the spot market.

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