10 year contract with Gaz de France

December 2007: Sartor Offshore AS has been awarded a 10 year contract with Gaz de France (GdF) for delivery of a multi role vessel. The contract can be extended up to 20 years or lifetime of the Gjøa field.

The vessel is designed by Vik Sandvik in Fitjar, Norway together with Sartor Shipping AS and GdF. She will be delivered during autumn 2010.
The vessel will be a new design with focus on the environment. The vessel will have hybrid propulsion based on a conventional and dieselelectric system ensuring low consumption, high speed and towing capacities. The newbuild will also in addition to DPII be equipped with optical and electrical field surveillence with anticollision systems and she will be utilised for oil recovery, ROV, towing missions, supply and standby.
The vessel will be owned by the Mainport group in Ireland where Sartor Shipping AS owns 50%. Sartor Shipping AS will be the technical and commercial manager for the vessel.
The vessel will be registered in Bergen and manned with Norwegian crew.
For further information please read more at Bergens Tidende.

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